The Engineering Services Group (ESG) of Brighton is also capable of offering design and construction services in the chemical industry. Specifically, the operating unit is able to build chemical processing plants; for example, fertilizer production plants, sugar mills, and even some specialty chemicals, such as sodium dichromate, liquefied coal fuel, etc.

Moreover, the engineering services include facility design, equipment procurement and manufacturing, process know-how transfer, installation and commission, and plant operator training, etc. Typically, the offered engineering services are for turn-key projects, which would serve the customers and clients the best. However, the offered services could be limited to one or several segments of the entire projects according to the needs of the clients.

The ESG works very closely with some of the largest corporations in the heavy industry sector in China. Thus, ESG sources industrial equipment from these Chinese heavy equipment producers in order of offering turn-key projects in a variety of industries. Typically, the primary source of equipment for these turn-key projects would come from the referred Chinese heavy machinery manufacturers, unless it is specifically referred in the project proposals.

ESG and these Chinese heavy machinery manufacturers would form cooperative alliances by offering the referred engineering services as a team. In which, ESG would be responsible of acquiring suitable chemical processing know-how from vendors in the world, then designing the plant facility and finally commissioning the offered plants. The equipment manufacturers would primarily be responsible of manufacturing the large size machinery for the same plants according to the designs and specifications from ESG.

In addition to the chemical related projects, the referred alliance is able and willing to offer other engineering services in different industries, such as steel mills. ESG is capable of offering heavy equipment and key components for other heavy machinery industries, such as rotors for power generating equipment, large size gearboxes, and other heavy equipment.